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Jadugarni Urdu Novel

Jadugarni Novel pdf Here is another novel for people who love reading novels, the novel is actually a horror story plus it is not very lengthy and boring. The story is extracted from a well-known Urdu digest so the name of author is unknown. The story has been crafted so perfectly that sometimes reader has to think is it a fictional story or a true story, the plot of story is a woman who performs magic and her cat; the whole story revolves around the two main characters. The story might seem boring while reading this review but it is an interesting story with only 33 pages, the writing style of the writer has not let down the user attention. People with interest about Jadoo and jinn find this novel very interesting and thrilling. Being a Muslim we should not believe in Jadoo and Jadoogar but we must have belief on the existence of Jinn and Shaitans because it has been present in Quran since early times.The novel is available for download in pdf format with size of 1.42 MB only; take out some time and give this novel a try. Read Here downlaod Here, , , ,

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